The Book

The book focuses on a Peranakan mother who has been cooking and collecting recipes since she was eight years old. Celebrating her 90th birthday, she shares her favourite recipes and her life story – 90 recipes and a chronicle of her life, family and unique experiences. Although Peranakan in culture, the recipes are not of a specific genre. They are from her favourite collection that includes Peranakan, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Parsi, Eurasian and others. The intended readership are home chefs as the recipes are simplified as best possible since the interest in home cooking has recently been re-ignited due to the Covid stay home restrictions. The book is further differentiated as it shares her unique story – a schoolteacher passionate about cooking, married to a former Deputy Commissioner of Police with stories of their life, love, careers, family history and how she acquired many of her recipes. It is also presented in a chronological journey from pre-war, through marriage, working life, retirement till the present day alongside some historical facts and experiences marking the evolution of Singapore.